Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Evangelicals Bigoted Against Mitt Romney???

As most of you have probably seen by now, the article from The Washington Times, "Evangelicals warn against Romney on ticket", is all the rage. It is linked and discussed on just about every political site you come across. I can not figure out why this is such a big story now, when it has been covered several times over already. The fact that this story is nothing more than Journalistic Malpractice at best, or a flat out "HIT JOB" at worst, makes it even more troubling.

Upon reading the article, there are several quotes provided by prominent Evangelical Leaders, none of which are inflammatory on their own. The comments which are drawing all the fire, or fueling it, are supposedly from "Other well-placed Christian conservatives". Well, just who the hell are these people? Do they even exist? Are they made up people, by the author, to help stir up the hornet's nest?

So now it has come to pass, the day when we can no longer criticize a public official for any reason without fear of being labeled a bigot, a racist, or a sexist. If this all sounds familiar, well it should, this is what the Liberals have been pushing for, for decades. The funny thing is, I do not hear the same uproar when the criticism is focused on the Christian community. Are they the only group that is "fair game"?

Personally, I happen to agree with writer, speaker, and radio host: Gregg Jackson. The reason this was and continues to be a big deal is because Mitt Romney is purposely playing the victim in order to hide from his Liberal record as Governor of Massachusetts.

Surreal as it seems, this is part of a larger Romney campaign strategy. For most of this year, Romniacs have been pointing the finger at the GOP base and accusing them of bigotry for not being interested in Mitt. Among the most prominent Romniacs are talk show hosts Hugh Hewitt and Sean Hannity, who have been calling evangelical noninterest in Mr. Romney ugly bigotry again and again. Ugly bigotry? Excuse me?

Since when does not being interested in a political candidate put you in the same category as the Ku Klux Klan? Since when does a politician have the right to publicly slander you, your religion and your constitutional right to vote for whomever you want for whatever your reason? If Mr. Romney is right, then the history of the last 40 years of presidential elections is the history of ugly bigotry. Americans elected evangelicals or men who pretended to be in each election.

Mr. Romney's eight-month bigotry crusade is perhaps the final piece of evidence that he is a closet liberal. A half-century Democrat talking point is “evangelicals are bigots.” Evangelicals founded the Republican Party. This is the first time a Republican candidate has tried to win votes by guilt-tripping the GOP base.

When we published an expose on Mr. Romney on showing his governor's record reveals him to be nearly as liberal as Ted Kennedy, Romniacs descended in droves clutching a large suitcase of evidence showing we were completely wrong. Just kidding. They called us “bigots.” Mr. Jarmin's piece is the latest and most hysterical Romniac response to our expose.

Romniacs act like the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is back, trying to take down their man — just like they tried to do to Hillary's husband. Blinded by hatred, this bigot conspiracy will stoop to anything to stop Mitt — anything — including showing voters his governor's record. Read more...

I have been granted permission by Gregg to include some of his writings in my blogs, so please visit and enjoy his site for more very informative articles. Also be sure to check out his book, "Conservative Comebacks To Liberal Lies".


Anonymous said...

Too funny. Romney supporters act like there is a conspiracy?? Thats a first. It is Hucksters that have talked all year long about the "conservative establishmnet" out to "silence" Huck and how all the media has been "bought" by Bain Capital to support Romney. LOL. What a joke.

Keep the article you are trying to rebut in focus. It is that "Evangelicals warn against Romney on the ticket." You are such a fool that you don't even realyze that there is no denying the truth of that fact. Who else has the arrogance to take out newspaper adds trying to threaten and intimidate the party's nominee as to whom they can pick? What are you even attempting to rebut? Surely not even that there is a small section of evangelicals who would not vote for Romney simply because of his faith.

Next time, try and figure out what is is you are trying to debate. Now, do I believe that Romney will be picked -- no. Doubt it. But the Huckster has no chance. Why? Alienates too many republicans. Judicial Watch top 10 most corrupt politicians for 2007. More ethics complaints than Bill Clinton. Not a fiscal conservative. Poor judgement by pressuring for the release of criminals who then go out and kill and rape. Attempts to belittle another candidate's faith for political gain. The negatives are endless.

Joseph said...

I thought name calling went out of vogue when you graduated 6th grade? Guess I was wrong.

I apologize for not living up to your Elite Intellect but I do what I can.

"Surely not even that there is a small section of evangelicals who would not vote for Romney simply because of his faith."

Well, my guess is that you would be correct in that assessment but I would argue that over 90% of Mormons voted for Romney. Does that mean they are bigoted towards Christians?

"Judicial Watch top 10 most corrupt politicians for 2007."

Mitt Romney ranked #8 RINO by

"More ethics complaints than Bill Clinton

Anyone could file a complaint in Arkansas. All cases were dismissed except for one which was later over-turned upon appeal.

"Not a fiscal conservative"

He is not any worse than Mitt Romney and based on records as Governors, he is better than Mitt on Fiscal Policy over all. See my other blog "Mitt Romney Fiscally Conservative???".

"The negatives are endless"

And so are the rebuttals.

Marshall Gill said...

Well, I don't know about any "evangelical leaders" but the blogs on RCP are FILLED with so-called "evangelical Christians" who don't mind a bit when Huckabee says or does something that is less than conservative, and there have been a few. They even call these non-conservative positions "Christian" as if it isn't "socialism" because it would be administered by an ex-pastor. They are most quick to jump on Romney for his less than conservative record, but refuse to place the same standard for Huckabee. Any who point this our are immediately "Romney supporters" even if, like me, they are simply "Huckabee detractors"

Saying "Romney does/did" anything does not refute this, it is changing the subject, just like "so, mormons voted for Romney". In which case a "Mormons are bigoted against Huckabee" article might be appropriate.

So I have to agree with the first response, you are either greatly uninformed or being intellectually dishonest.

Remember, the title of this article is not "Why I, an evangelical don't like Romney (and it isn't religious bigotry)" but "Evangelicals bigoted against Romney?"

Joseph said...

I would agree with you that there are a few Huckabee supporters who hold a double standard but I would argue that it is a very minute group. Most of us do dissent when Mike does something we don't agree with, such as endorsing Don Young.

Again, I apologize for not living up to your Elite Intellect. I do this for fun and to provoke thought, I have a day job and it's not as a writer.

I do not consider myself an Evangelical as you claim. I was "Saved" as a young teen but have not been to church since 2001. So I have work to do in that area of my life if I want to be considered an Evangelical.

As for the title of the article, did you not notice the three ??? in the title. I again apologize for not stating somewhere in bold print that it is a rhetorical question or that I am a sarcastic individual on certain subjects. Had I wanted it to mean what you claim, then I would have left out the three ???, and just so you know, this is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I was extremely offended by being called a bigot just because I cannot support a ticket with Romney on it. The most important thing to me are the moral values issues. I vote my Bible and let God take care of my wallet.

History proves that when a country's morals go down the country goes down. President Adams said, "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." --October 11, 1798

We cannot risk putting anyone else on the GOP ticket that can't be counted on when we already have some doubts about McCain. America's morals have fallen enough. Huckabee has NEVER wavered on the values issues; which is why I supported him as President and want him as Vice President.

Romney tanks the ticket. The Democrats won Michigan for him and are ready for the Romney VP attack. This ad was posted shortly after the Mitt is VP leak over a month ago. Is this the type of ads we want to try to combat in an already falling economy?

Granny T

Joseph said...

Well put Granny T. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

Kingdom Advancer said...

I think there are rational, coolheaded--not hateful or bigoted--reasons why an evangelical would prefer a Christian, and not a member of some other religion, to be President of the United States. In fact, my blog was partially dedicated to expounding upon those reasons.

Now, some may argue that "Mormons are Christians." I know Sean Hannity, referenced in this post, used to do one of his usual rundown things, where he would say, "He believes in the Bible; he says Jesus is His Savior, etc.," as if those mega-oversimplifications would clear up all qualms about his religion. But that's a whole other debate--a theological one.

But, while some may like to think that all of Romney's misfortunes are due to bigotry, the fact is that he hasn't had a record of conservative Christian values. Abortion? Homosexual "rights"? Homosexual marriage? Even the Second Amendment, which, although it may not seem religious at face value, is a basic right, in my opinion.

I don't think evangelicals are being so arrogant to warn McCain about his VP pick. Were American patriots at the birth of our nation being arrogant when they raised flags with the slogan, "Don't Tread On Me"? I think evangelicals are trying to ensure that they aren't taken for granted, that they aren't "tread" upon, in this election.

Anonymous said...

As the voting shows, many evangelicals are solidly behind Governor Romney. His 'liberal' record really is quick pale in comparison to Obama, and Obama will become president if John McCain doesn't win.

Imagine that the Romans were crucifying people by the scores and oppressing the Jews and others and Jesus didn't call His followers to rebel against the authorities either before or after His death. Imagine if a doctor had a cure for your disease, a politician had the ability to fix a corrupted and financially problamatic Olypic Games, or someone could help lead our country away from Islamic jihad and fix our ailing economy. And now imagine that you turned them down just because of their religious differences with you.

These are the individual that would rather soak in the pot of heating liberalism than suffer any liberalism from the Republican party. It is the selfish 'I want it all or nothing' crowd that would rather have our children suffer under unimaginable lefist liberalism, instead of slight liberalism and mostly conservative policies and governance.

Throwing the baby out with the bath water is NOT how a coalition wins.

Go McCain-Romney 2008!

Joseph said...

"And now imagine that you turned them down just because of their religious differences with you."

Well, I have not been to church since 2001 so why would I care what his religious beliefs are? I have a long list of reasons not to vote for any ticket that includes Mitt Romney. And similarly, John McCain is only somewhat better. McCain needs to pick someone who is staunchly Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Family, Pro-Gun, less government, etc...and Romney is not. Romney is not the only one ether, I would include Condelezza Rice, Colin Powell, Joe Liberman, Tom Ridge, and many others right there with Romney as deal breakers.

"These are the individual that would rather soak in the pot of heating liberalism than suffer any liberalism from the Republican party.

No, I simply vote my values, morals, and convictions. I will compromise but I will not throw them all aside and hold my nose to vote for who the Establishment wants me to vote for.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, and I have posted several times on this very topic.